Joomla is a distinctive from other websites Joomla is a free and open sourcing CMS (content management system) for publishing the web content. Like other websites, the main goal of Joomla is to rank in the first page of the Google search and to reach the attention of the target audience. To index maximum number of pages in the search list, the process of Search Engine Optimization is necessary and unlike other websites, the ranking process in Joomla is unique and different. And there are several factors necessary to optimize the website. The first step is to create a URL that is short and readable; it should be SEO friendly and the use of a proper keyword is a must so as to index in many pages. The site should a unique and attractive title tag for all the pages and the title should not exceed more than sixty characters, and to assist in the indexing process we can drop in the H1 tag in the website. And this is also listed as success criteria for good SEO by Google. The Meta description is a small snippet that summarizes the content of the website, and the search engines use these snippets in the results to give an idea to the users about the particular web page. It should not be more than one sixty characters including the spaces and punctuations. If the site includes images in its content, it is necessary to use the alt attribute, because the alt tag strengthens the data and it improves the accessibility of the site. The alt tag must be within 4 to 8 words including the keyword. And the use of keywords should be less than 3 to 5 in a page because keyword stuffing is not a welcoming note in the search console. The use of keywords in the anchor text will be more efficient, and the link building technique is necessary for a website. SEO is necessary for a good digital marketing strategy Optimizing websites to increase visibility on search engines is a part or more of a necessity for marketing yourself effectively on the web. The rules are changing continuously for SEO process. Google keeps updating the search algorithms to provide better results to the users. Therefore one has to be updated with the current rules. It is an evolving process and can never be ignored or you cannot get done with it and forget about it. These are some of the changes which explain why SEO needs proper attention. Earlier articles and content stuffed with keywords can easily get higher ranking on Google. There were articles which had so many keywords that it was barely readable. Now it is not the scenario SEO Company Los Angeles keyword stuffing is balckhat SEO techniques which can get your site banned by Google. Today proper content which is useful for the readers and the ones which are shared are ranked higher by Google. Then arrived link building, backlinks were used to judge how relevant the content was. Soon it boiled down to number of links rather than the quality of the site. Again Google started adjusting algorithms and filtered out bulk and artificial links. People even have an argument that SEO is not necessary SEO Services Houston if you have a mobile app, but how did people know your product or site has an app? it is because they first came to know your existence while on Google or search engine.